Our Services

How we work explains how we succeed.

After decades of being lobbied and hiring lobbyists, we built our firm founded on strategies and practices we know are effective.  We have spent years fostering working relationships with Congressional leaders in the House and Senate, members of the Executive branch, and their staff to ensure our clients input is received and implemented.  Fortune 100 companies, non-profit organizations, and coalitions of all sizes seek our expertise in analyzing the impact of proposed legislation and regulations.  For many clients, we are literally their eyes and ears in Washington – and often their arms and legs. We are on the Hill and talking with the Administration every day, gathering primary intelligence from members and staff on politics and policy.  We produce timely updates from Washington insiders and senior staff on issues spanning everything from health care, trade, energy, transportation, commerce, financial services, tax, environment, and technology.

Strategic Counsel

Turn right or left? Slow down or speed up? In the ever-changing DC landscape, it’s tough to know which way to go. Mehlman Consulting guides you from the beginning to identify key issues, discuss objectives, and determine goals. And we’ll work with you every step of the way to achieve them. We’ll suggest detours when needed, but always point you in the best direction.

Message Creation

In Washington, you often find apolitical issue experts or well-connected relationship-minders. Wonks or hacks.  Our team combines political experience and policy expertise to give you the best of both worlds. We understand the issues and the environment. And since we’ve spent years developing relationships with Congressional leaders, members of the Administration, and their staffs – and been in those same positions ourselves – we know how to develop messages that matter.


It all comes down to making your point to the right people at the right time. Our team has worked at the most senior levels of the legislative and executive branches, and we know how best to advocate with the people in those positions. We’ll identify the right audiences, prepare you for meetings, and work beside you every step of the way.

Intelligence Gathering

The only way to advance your cause is to understand the environment – the politics and the policies driving an issue. That’s why we are out there every day talking to all the stakeholders and gathering any bit of data that will better inform our advocacy, enable you to make the best decisions, and allow us to anticipate future opportunities and challenges together.

Policy Analysis and Support

“Washington speak” is a language all its own. Our policy analysts know how to interpret the content in ways that are understandable, actionable, and timely. Clients benefit from our bill analyses, hearing summaries, bill mark-up results, briefing documents, weekly newsletters, and legislative proposals.  We support client fly-ins ranging from hundreds of participants to a small group of key stakeholders and provide clients with scheduling coordination and issue advocacy materials — whether virtually or in-person.

Issue Tracking

Sometimes issues are headline news. Other times, they are brewing in the background. Either way, you need to know since they could all affect what a powerful Chair tees up as a next Committee priority. That’s why our experts track a wide range of issues including health care, trade, energy, transportation, commerce, financial services, tax, environment, and technology. We produce regular trackers, legislative monitoring reports, and timely updates so you’re always in the know.