Expected Trump-Biden rematch shows how not to win, new analysis says

September 26, 2023 | By Mike Allen


Are both parties trying to lose the 2024 presidential election?

Driving the news: Lobbyist Bruce Mehlman of Mehlman Consulting poses that question in one of his famous decks synthesizing political trends.

Zoom in: Mehlman’s latest deck, released Tuesday, looks at a dozen trends — half politics, half policy — for the next 13 months.

  • It calls the expected 2024 rematch between President Biden and former President Trump “the least anticipated sequel” since “Caddyshack II.”

“If you wanted to lose an election, what would you do?” Mehlman told Axios.

  1. “Put forward an unpopular nominee … Check.” Mehlman’s deck cited an August poll by the Wall Street Journal showing Biden and Trump each with 39% favorability ratings.
  2. “Choose someone who appears to have major future risks … Check (Biden health, Trump prosecutions).”
  3. “Highlight the issues where your party is least popular with independents … Check (For Dems, crime, border refugees and preferring teacher unions over parents. For Republicans, abortion).”