Mehlman Issues New Report Looking Ahead to the 118th Congress

December 21, 2022 | By MCRT

Today, Mehlman Castagnetti Rosen & Thomas released a new report that identifies the key issues that Congress and the Biden Administration will confront next year. While Congress is racing to finish a massive omnibus spending bill this week and with the 117th Congress poised to adjourn soon, the bipartisan Mehlman team is looking ahead to 2023. Please find here our new report, “Insights and Outlook for the 118th Congress,”  which looks ahead to the key issues that will dominate 2023. From health care to climate, energy, tech, trade, tax, appropriations, defense, and more, the senior strategists at Mehlman provide fresh insights into the major policies that corporations, foundations, and trade associations will confront next year.

Firm partner Dean Rosen commented: “Ten of the last 12 federal elections have ushered in a change in leadership in the nation’s capital. The new landscape—divided government, new leadership, dozens of fresh faces in Congress, and candidates already positioning for a looming Presidential election in 2024– will present new challenges for stakeholders seeking to influence federal policy. Some of the best minds in Washington, who happen to be my colleagues, prepared this look-ahead into the new Congress and the new year to help us prepare.”