Mehlman 2022 Election Analysis

November 21, 2022 | By BRUCE P. MEHLMAN

  • (CNN): The Devil You Know Election: “In a slide deck seeking to understand what happened in the 2022 election, Republican lobbyist Bruce Mehlman wrote: ‘Voters sought stability at a time of heightened anxiety.’”
  • (NBC News First Read): “As Bruce Mehlman, a Republican political and public-policy observer, puts it: 2022 was ‘the least change-y change election since 2002.’”
  • (Politico Influence): “Meanwhile in his team’s latest slide deck dissecting the election results, Mehlman Consulting’ Bruce Mehlman warned that Republicans could hold the smallest House majority since the early 1930s, empowering factions within the party. Still, the firm is advising clients to remain engaged in Washington “because bipartisanship remains alive if not well,” Mehlman told PI, and to get to know new members “before they need their help.””
    • (Roll Call): At the Races: “Sliding into Congress: Lobbyist Bruce Mehlman is out with a post-election slide deck that assesses how much candidates matter and looks at what lawmakers may be able to do next year.”
    • (Mauldin Economics Over My Shoulder): “Last week’s election took a little time to sort out. With the results now clearer, Bruce Mehlman explains what it means in one of his colorful slide decks.”